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Kimberly Lee
"We have definitely seen a financial increase."
Miles Zatkowsky
"It surprised me that everything he represented came true."


Founded in 1992, SmartMarketing has become one of the country's premier marketing firms for attorneys.


Our Team

Lisa Roser
Director of Strategic Planning

Lisa delivers a solid expertise in strategic planning, multi-media planning, website development and internet marketing to SmartMarketing's clients which in turn increases sales for their business. Lisa is a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany. In 2015 she was a Striving for Success Honoree by the Genesis Group of the Mohawk Valley Region.

Lesley Blaine
Vice President & COO

Lesley has been working in the marketing field for over 25 years and joined SmartMarketing in December 2001. Her areas of speciality include direct mail, list research, copywriting and marketing plan development. With prior positions in small to medium-sized, privately-owned companies, she understands the entrepreneurial spirit and what it takes to make it happen. BBA, University of Wisconsin Madison, WI

Julia Da Rocha
Graphic Designer

Julia Da Rocha, SmartMarketing Graphic Designer since April 2005, graduated from Santa Fe Community College with a degree in Graphic Design. She has extensive experience in both print and web design. AS, Santa Fe Community College Gainesville, Florida.

Sarah Marshall
Events Manager

Sarah Marshall, SmartMarketing Events Manager since Sept. 2001, holds a degree from Auburn University. She learned her craft working for RDV Sportsplex in Orlando, Florida, home of the Orlando Magic. She has planned over 500 events. BS, Auburn University Auburn, AL.

Mark Merenda

Mark founded SmartMarketing in 1994. He was a pioneer in attorney marketing, particularly in the areas of estate planning and elder law. Mark's theories, strategies and creative concepts are used to this day. A brilliant writer and speaker, he helped hundreds of attorneys build successful practices over the course of his career. He is dearly missed. All of us at SmartMarketing are honored to uphold Mark's legacy.


1. SEO & Websites

Smart Marketing gives its clients a dynamic Internet presence, and the strategies that establish credibility and generate new clients through ethical search engine optimization (SEO).

2. Coaching

You've probably heard it before. Tiger Woods has a coach. Meryl Streep has a coach. Luciano Pavarotti had a coach. What? You think you're better than them? Attorney marketing is a skill that will benefit from detailed instruction and group support.

3. Branding & Image

An investment in image can be frustrating, because there is no measurable return on investment. In the world of attorney marketing, No one ever says to you, I hired you because you have a nice business card, and nice stationery.

4. Seminars

When people buy professional services, they buy the person who provides the services. That's why seminars remain one of the best techniques for law firm marketing.

5. Referral Sources

The best business in the world is referred business. It comes in the door pre-sold, it comes in with third-party credibility. That's why building a professional referral network is a cornerstone of law firm marketing.

6. Advertising

At Smart Marketing, we're not big fans of the kind of advertising that says "Call us and we'll do business."


Of course, there is more to say. Much more. But if you want to boil it all down to its essence, that's why our company exists. That's what we do.

If you're like most, you have some immediate questions. Like "How do you do that?" and "How much does it cost?" (always a popular question) and "How can I be sure it will work?" (you can't, but this might make you feel better.)

Here's how we think you should proceed. You should start by reading a very short article entitled "Ten Reasons Lawyers Don't Do Marketing." Then you might want to see some examples of our work, or watch one of Mark Merenda's videos on law firm marketing. After that, you should read the stories of some of our clients. And then you might want to contact us.

However, we know our audience, and most of them don't have the time or patience for the steps above - at least not as a first step. If you fall into that group, then click the big red button on this page and we'll cut to the chase.

One slightly cautionary note: the key to law firm marketing is implementation. If you read the books and articles that are available for free on this site; if you watch the videos, and read the blog posts, you'll have a good idea of all the things you need to do to succeed at attorney marketing.

Now you need to do them.


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